Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sassy Hour at Mrs. Jones

Mama Mia! We can't believe that we are already reaching the end of the year. Tonight is our last Sassy Hour of 2009 at the fab restaurant Mrs. Jones. Should be lots of fun catching up with old friends and making new. Plus we can't wait to eat some of the famed Mrs. Jones lemon tarts!

When: Thursday 5th November, 6.30-9pm
Where: Mrs Jones, Basement Floor, Harilela House, 79 Wyndham Street (on the corner of Pottinger Street)
Cost: Free for our lovely Sassy girls - a welcome drink, prize giveaways, delicious lemon tarts and happy hour prices!

"Ohhhhhoh...Mrs Jones...We've got a thing.... going la"

Join Sassy for an evening of sipping and socializing fun. Boys welcome as of 9pm. You can RSVP at or just show up tonight!


  1. I found the blog!!! only took me 6months! lol- Thanks Natalie:-)
    Great final SASSY hour of 2009!Lovely girlies,no punch ups,fab canapes and a jolly good bellini !

  2. So funny - makes it sound like we often have punch ups at Sassy Hours! have to say, that would be pretty entertaining! ;-)

    Glad you had a fun time and hope you can make it to our Xmas Party! xxx

  3. So I totally missed this. Apparently I'm awful at calendars and such. Hope to join next year!

  4. Yes K you must join! Would love to meet you! :-)


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