Monday, 30 November 2009

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

It seems just like yesterday that the Jimmy Choo hysteria had girls in Hong Kong lining up at obscene hours of the morning outside stores, and now get ready for yet another designer collaboration for H&M - Sonia Rykiel designing slinky undies. We've taken a peep at some of the limited images available online of the collection, and we're not sure these pieces will have the same "got-to-have-it" appeal of the Jimmy Choo line. The flowers on the boobs and butt of the pieces above would seem to make them almost unwearable under tight-fitting clothes (unless you like that lumpy-bum look of course!).
These pale pink items look super-cute on the models, but we all know high-waisted skin-coloured knickers can steer into big-time granny territory (remember Bridget Jones?), so I think I'll be looking out for the flesh-coloured bras and black stockings and giving the rest of it a miss. The collection is due to launch on the 5th December officially, but perhaps because of the Jimmy Choo hysteria, there are already a few of the pieces in the Queen's Road store at least.

Let us know your thoughts! Will you be heading to H&M to check out the collection?

Party Dresses at Karen Millen

I've never been the biggest fan of Karen Millen - something about the style of the clothes always felt a little bit too structured and WAG-ish for me... the kind of garments I can imagine girls with perma-blow-dried glossy hair who always wear a full face of makeup to the gym would wear (e.g. possibly the kind of girl I should aspire to be!). It's on the more expensive end of high street fashion, and I never really thought the designs could justify the fairly steep price tags.

This season though my opinion has totally changed, and I spent a very happy hour or so in the Wellington Street store the other day trying on numerous great little slinky dresses in the hope of finding something to wear for our Sexy Xmas party on Wednesday. From romantic and floaty to super-tailored and sleek, there's a party dress there for every style and body type, and some great shoe options as well, all with super-high spiky heels.

There's a lot of detailing to the dresses which is great in such a monotone season, and which elevates them beyond what you can usually find on the high street, and which is used to flatter curves and skim over bumpy bits. Sequins and chiffon abound, and it's great to see some red and grey amongst the sea of mostly black. Prices aren't low, with more basic dresses starting around HK$2,400 ranging up to HK$4,600 for more embellished sequin-ed numbers. You get 10% off with an HSBC credit card though, so every little helps!

G/F 56-58 Wellington Street, Central
2530 2092

Detour Art Festival 2009

Yesterday I checked out the DETOUR 2009 exhibition at the old Police Married Headquarters on Aberdeen Street. DETOUR has been running since 2006, and is designed to stimulate creativity and dialogue about art and life in Hong Kong through appreciation of various art installations and design projects. DETOUR have completely taken over the disused historic building to transform it into a community space for play and contemplation. The ground floor which was an abandoned scrubby courtyard has been re-imagined as a sand-covered playground with deck chairs and huge inflatable balls, for you to sit and relax while music is played from the enormous speakers and images from the project are shown on a large screen. This is also the venue for many talks and performances throughout the fortnight. The unmissable talking point of the courtyard is the red-painted bamboo bridge that looms overhead, connecting one side of the building with the other.

Leaving the courtyard and beginning to explore the abandoned apartment rooms, you feel like you are a voyeur as you peep through windows and linger in doorways to gaze at the exhibitions. A huge effort has been made to fill almost every room with something thought-provoking, including a "Pimp my Pushcart" installation where street pushcarts are souped up and given a new lease of life as an uber-luxe baby pram for example. Climbing up through the floors you'll come across a room completely floored with deep cotton wool (the tiny kids at the event were LOVING this), an exhibit dedicated to the appreciation of all the bakery and confectionary Hong Kong has to offer, and the intriguing and mysterious Room 414. Room 414 has been designed by the brand, G.O.D, and is actually the room that Donald Tsang grew up in.

DETOUR 2009 is a really enjoyable experience, and definitely thought-provoking, particularly when it comes to Hong Kong's heritage and city-planning. The setting of the Police Married Headquarters is extremely successful and it is a rare treat to step inside a piece of history that is so untouched by time. Stop by until the 9th December - make sure you don't miss out!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Holiday Gifts for the Metro Guy

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, flying first class up in the sky... These gifts are great for the guy who enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle.
A Classic Masculine Experience at the Mandarin Barber

He likes to take care of himself and knows that a well-groomed exterior maketh the man. Treat him to a special Mandarin Shave Treatment at the Mandarin Oriental Barber, which includes hot and cold towels infused with essential oils and the closest shave imaginable with a long razor. Extend the special experience by treating him to a manly cocktail in the Captain's Bar - we recommend ordering an Old Fashioned (Kentucky Bourbon with a touch of sugar, spiced aromatic bitters and an orange twist) or a draft beer served in a silver tankard. He'll think you're a mind reader!

Price: HK$350 for the special Mandarin Shave
Where to buy: You can purchase a gift voucher directly from the Mandarin Oriental Barber inside the Hotel. For enquiries call 2810 6190.

Hermes Playing Cards

With the Hermes Playing Cards he will be able to bring style to the game. He’ll be King of the table and impress his buddies with these attractive cards. This posh set comes with two decks and each is lined in silver. His game of Texas Hold-Em is sure to improve with these luxe cards. Hermes carries an array of styles.

Where to Buy: Hermes Hong Kong: Pacific Place and The Galleria Shops

The Metrosexual Guide to Style:

If you’re guy can’t walk past the mall without taking a peak inside, loves to be spoiled and pampered, thinks that he must always be sporting the latest fashions, then The Metrosexual Guide to Style by Michael Flocker is the ultimate lifestyle gift for him. This savvy handbook is loaded with tips from travel, fitness and grooming to d├ęcor and dining. He’ll get all kinds of advice , do’s and don’ts on topics such as etiquette and even romance. After reading this book he will certainly be well polished!

Cost: Approx $116
Where to Buy: Dymocks and Book-a-zine

Messenger Bag:

The Louis Vuitton Utah Messenger Bag is uber chic and multifunctional. Whether he needs to carry files from work or wants to use it as a carry-on when he jets sets to the trendiest Asian destinations; this bag will compliment his outfit as well as his daily needs. Finished with antique polished brass pieces and a discrete LV stamped monogram, this masculine bag is one he will get lots great use of.

Where to Buy: Louis Vuitton Stores

Holiday Gifts for the Sporty Guy

If your guy is all about competition and staying fit then these gifts will be sure to get his heart pumping.

Polar Watch

If he strives for only the best then get him a Polar Sports Watch this holiday so he can be sure to maximize his training to the fullest. The watch will give him the inside scoop on his fitness level by measuring heart rate, combined speed, distance and calories burned. With a gift like this he will be ready to test his endurance in the Standard Charter Marathon come February!

Price: Ranges from $700 - $4,000 HKD

Where to Buy: Visit the Polar Website for store locations in HK

Go Karting at the International Kart Circuit in Diamond Coast

If your man feels the need for speed then take him to the International Kart Circuit, which is Hong Kong’s only Go Kart racing track. A few laps around the circuit will be sure to get his adrenaline pumping. We suggest taking him and a couple of friends so they can race against each other while you take photos of the racers in action. Or if you are sporty girl – you should join in!


$260/person for the Normal Package (includes safety video, written test, 3 laps road test and a 10 minute session)

$600/person for the Special Package, which can be used for 2 months (includes safety video, written test, 3 laps road test and four 10 minute sessions)

For more information visit:

Let's Get Physical by VIP Box

If his workout regime is getting a little bit “routine” then get him the Let’s Get Physical Gift from VIP Box. This gift allows him to choose 1 gift from 6 different activities such as Martial Arts, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Personal Training Sessions and Sports Massage. All VIP Boxes come in a fun package with all the information your guy will need to select their activity. The VIP Box is one of our favourite gift ideas this year – we love them!

Price: $1,000

Where to buy: Visit VIP Box’s website for online ordering and retail locations.

Take him to the Sky with a Paragliding Course

If he has done every sport imaginable on the ground then he should now move on to the sky! By giving him Paragliding lessons this holiday he will see Hong Kong from a whole new perspective. Sky Adventure is specialized in paragliding instruction and The Student Pilot Course is the first step towards obtaining your own license. He will learn how to launch, basic flying techniques and spot landing. The course is conducted in Ma On Shan and Sai Kung Country Park over 4 flying days and 12 flights.

Price: $4,000

Contact: Mr. Man Kam Fai (Instructor) at 9620 0577 or

Holiday Gifts for the Creative Guy

He loves to write poetry, he can't wait for the next gallery opening, his dream is to have all the time in the world to discover new ideas and concepts....then these gifts are perfect for him!

Art Jamming Session:

His creative juices will flow as he spends a few hours unleashing his inner Picasso! Art Jamming provides all the necessaries to make his vision come to life: the paint, brushes, canvas , and even some music to set the mood. It doesn’t matter if he is talented or challenged when it comes to painting, this is a great gift for any guy who wants to chill out and unwind. Warning, he may come home with “artwork” that he thinks will be perfect for over the family room couch!

Price: $400 - $1200
Where to Buy: Art Jamming, 123 Wellington Street, Central, 2541-8816

Photography Lessons:

The Hong Kong skyline screams out “take my picture!” HK is the perfect place to take a photography lesson. With some of the world’s most incredible buildings and gorgeous beaches like Shek-O it is definitely the ideal setting for the novice learner.

Price: Varies depending on private or group lesson
Where to Buy:

Cooking Classes:

What is better than a guy who can cook?! The YWCA offers all kinds of cooking courses like Chinese, Thai, and even baking homemade bread. He will absolute love learning the latest culinary secrets to help him create the most delicious dishes.

Price: $280-$440
Where to Buy: YWCA, 3/F 1 MacDonnell Road, Central, 3476-1340

Holiday Gifts for Dad

Dad's are sometimes the most difficult to shop for, these are our ideas:

For the New Dad:

Jogging Stroller

If Daddy likes to exercise and spend time with baby, then he is going to love a great jogging stroller. Baby will enjoy a nice ride and probably nod off to sleep while Dad gets the chance to burn those extra calories. Jogging strollers are great for HK because they are durable enough to handle all the bumps, curbs and steps along the way.

Visit Bumps To Babes to find the make and model of your choice. For location information go to

For Your Dad:

Sony Digital Photo Frame

Your father will be moved when you give him a digital photo frame pre-loaded with pics of you and him. We promise this frame will go straight to his desk at the office and he will be the proud poppa showing all his colleagues the photos of Daddy and Daughter!


For Any Dad:

Cooper Cooler Wine Chiller

Not only does this chiller get a bottle of wine cooled in less than 6 minutes, in only 1 minute it gets a beer can ice cold. For the wine enthusiast this may be the ultimate gift. This is a fantastic gift that any guy from your own father to your boss will love.

Approx $600

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Holiday Gifts for the Gadget Guy

If he loves to be in the know about the latest new toy to hit the market then he may be wishing for the following gifts this year.

Wired Magazine Subscription

This will surely be his go to guide for up and coming things to hit the tech, business, media and entertainment market in 2010.

Price - $540 for a 1 year International Subscription
Where to Buy: Visit the Wired website for details on how to order


If your guy is addicted to his iPhone then this gift should top your holiday list for him this year. The SONOS S5 speaker delivers music to one room of your home without ever having to dock your iPhone in a console. You can control the music from your iTunes library via your iPhone and you also have access to thousands of free Internet stations throughout the world.

Price - $3,100
Where to Buy: Tekk88 Limited, 3/F Wing Fat Bldg, 3Jervois Street, Sheung Wan (Showroom is open by appointment only so call 2111 9558)

PlayStation 3 Slim

Now as girls we will never understand the need for the Slim version of Playstation 3 when they already have the "not so slim" one but the men do, which is why this is a great holiday gift this year. Giving the gift of video games really ups your cool factor with him and we are positive he will be bragging to all his friends about how "in the know" you are when it comes to gaming systems.

Price - $2,399
Where to buy - RenChi Limited - Unit B, 3rd Floor, V GA Building, 532 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
If your man travels a lot, these noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute must to drown out all those crying babies and snoring seat-mates. They can also be used to give amazing sound quality while he games, and stop you from having to listen to the sound of Call of Duty gunfire while you're trying to relax at home.

Price - HK$2,000
Where to buy - Check the Bose website for HK Store Locations

Holiday Gifts for the Executive Guy

For the workaholic in your life...

Dunhill Passport Holder/Wallet

Get your guy organized when he travels by giving him a Passport Holder/Wallet this year from Dunhill. If he is always heading off to the International Airport then this wallet will keep his passport, travel documents and frequent flyer cards organized so he will waste no time jetting off to his next business meeting.

Price - $2,900
Where to Buy: Visit the Dunhill website for HK store locations

Thomas Pink Cufflink Box

If you can’t bear to buy another cufflink this year then give him this Thomas Pink Cufflink Box so he can store all the fantastic cufflinks you have bought him over the years. Not only will it look great on his nightstand but it will also save time in the morning (which means getting to the office sooner) since he will no longer have to go rumbling around to find a matching pair.

Price - $1,280
Where to Buy: Pacific Place, Level 2

Selection of Big Business DVDs

Even on the weekends the executive guy is usually thinking about the office so get him a collection of DVD’s that he can relax to while thinking about big business at the same time. Any selection of the following movies will be a hit for any corporate man in your life. (P.S. we suggest getting the Blu-ray versions if he has a Blu-ray DVD player)

- Boiler Room
- Wall Street
- American Psycho
- Glengarry Glen Ross
- Rogue Trader
- Trading Places

Price - ranges between $100-$250 for a DVD
Where to Buy: Visit the HMV website for HK store locations

Thanksgving Inspiration

Happy Thanksgiving!

A typical Thanksgiving for me back at home (Miami, Fl.) would be a day spent with my family. Every year since I can remember my family and I go to my Aunt Caryn's house for an afternoon and evening filled with laughing, food, and story telling. We always gather around the table and share the things we are most thankful for. Year after year the menu never changes(traditions)...turkey and stuffing, Granddad's famous mashed potatoes, Aunt Caryn's sweet potato casserole, Mom's delicious deviled eggs, Grandma's secret recipe baked beans, and lots and lots of Aunt Caryn's homemade pies (apple, pecan, pumpkin). I'm already full just thinking about it!

This year I will be celebrating with friends at the American Club, then off to Maura's where she and her husband Paul are hosting a gathering in their apartment complete with turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes and of course pumpkin pie! I'm sure that just like "home" there will be lots of laughing and memories to be made.

If I had the space in my apartment to have people over, these images would definitely be my decorating inspiration.

Photos Courtesy of : Martha Stewartand Country Living

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Exclusive Interview: HK Fashion Geek

One of our favourite Hong Kong fashion blogs is Hong Kong Fashion Geek - a super-quirky glimpse into the fashion-obsessed minds of two HK girls who until recently have only been known by their pseudonyms: hkFashionGeek and hkShoeGeek. We sat them both down to ask them some probing fashion questions. First up, hkFashionGeek takes the hot seat!

Sassy: Who is your style icon?
hkFashionGeek: I don’t have a specific style icon per say but I do admire people who accept their body shape and make a statement a la Beth Ditto. The world is too obsessed with size especially in Hong Kong where a normal sized girl is routinely bashed for being XXXL.

Sassy: What is your favourite store in Hong Kong?
hkFashionGeek: Fashion wise, there’s this tiny boutique in Island Beverly Mall in Causeway Bay called Princess. All their clothing is by a local Hong Kong designer and they have super funky pieces. Regular readers will know that us Geeks love convertible clothing and Princess has some of the most versatile pieces I’ve found at affordable prices. I also have this fascination with the lifestyle section of City Super. I am never bored in there. There’re so many interesting gadgets, toys and other random items to check out. (See why I call myself FashionGeek?)

Sassy: What is your number 1 tip for making the most out of your wardrobe?
hkFashionGeek: I’m all about the accessories and the same outfit can be completely transformed with different jewellery, chain harnesses, brooches, belts, bags, shoes, scarves and caps. You name the accessory, I probably have it.

Sassy: Worst fashion mistake you have ever made?
hkFashionGeek: Oh boy, this is a toughie. Probably the worst mistake was when I was still going to raves and wore this nude fishnet lacy see through top with really baggy blue jeans. My only excuse was that I was young.

Sassy: Can you describe your favourite outfit for us?
hkFashionGeek: The outfit is simple (see above picture!). A black knitted thigh length tunic that I bought from Tokyo paired with the most awesome leggings I picked up from one of those mass disposable fashion stores in Wanchai for HK$50. The leggings look like someone had slashed through the material and neon yellow shows up underneath. A studded neon yellow belt from Pac Sun in the US completes the outfit along with a pair of Galliano fishnet stilettos. (I never used to have a shoe fetish until ShoeGeek infected me.) To finish off the outfit, I am wearing jewellery by Chic Infinity, specifically The Planets are Aligned necklace, All Chained Up necklace styled as a bracelet and the All Chained up ring (see image of amazing Chic Infinity silver rope ladder harness necklace below).
Sassy: If you had unlimited money to spend on just one item for Autumn/Winter, what would it be?
hkFashionGeek: The Giuseppe Zanotti zipper ankle boots. Of course, if I had them, my many visits to Lane Crawford just to take a look at the boots will have to end but I’m sure I’ll find something else to obsess over. If I could go back in time with unlimited funds, I would totally buy the Giuseppe Zanotti boots that in our logo.

Sassy: What do you love about Hong Kong?
hkFashionGeek: That there is such a wide range of fashion choices available from disposable fashion boutiques where you can get clothing for under HK$100 to high end places like Lane Crawford. There’s nothing like mixing the cheap with the super expensive (although for the Geeks, the super expensive is likely to have been purchased at a warehouse sale) to create the ultimate statement.

Sassy: Least favourite thing about Hong Kong?
hkFashionGeek: The lack of winter. I bought four gorgeous coats (including an ankle-length one) last year and only got to wear them once!

Thanks hkFashion Geek! Next week, look out for our interview with hkShoeGeek!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I am Thankful for - Cocktails!

My favorite holiday of the year is approaching and it is killing me to be missing out on all the Thanksgiving festivities back in the states. While Thanksgiving is technically on Thursday it starts out on Wednesday evening with a big night out, followed by a lazy day of eating with family on Thursday and Shopping with friends on Friday (the biggest shopping day of the year!).

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment this year and if you know me well enough you know that I hardly ever cook (I literally just got off the phone with Relish Kitchen who will be providing me with my Thanksgiving feast). Since I hate cooking I try to always have a fun drink served at family gatherings so I need to figure out what that will be for Thanksgiving 2009!

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not you should definitely have a festive fall drink on Thursday!

Check out the following sites for how to make the drinks above:

Spiced Apple Mixer from Stirrings - I used to buy these mixers all the time in the US but haven't found them here in HK :-(

I think I am leaning towards the Pumpkin Divine!

Photo Courtesy of Hostess (with the mostess)

Tuesday in Hong Kong

You would think by all the events going on tonight that it might be a Friday. For a Tuesday night in Hong Kong there are so many fab things going on around town. In fact, there is something for everyone...

The Fitness Girl:

Sassy's Bikini Bootcamp is down to the last few sessions. Come out and get in ship shape with the girls before we indulge on all the delicious treats during the holiday season. This is a great way to work out whether you're a first time novice or an experienced fitness Queen!

Time: 7:30-8:30pm
Location: Hong Kong Park (we meet at the HK Sports Centre across from the Peak Tram)
Cost: $150

The Fashionista:

Mischa was one of the faves at Chic Boutique. The girls who came to the event couldn't get enough of the vintage obi handbags that are designed by Michelle Lai. Well tonight, guests are cordially invited to a special viewing of the new collection of Mischa handbags & accessories and the Vera Wang Spring 2010 collection of party wear. You can enjoy a glass of bubbly and fashion show at HK's exclusive carrier of Vera Wang party wear. Guest will receive a VIP discount on purchases of dresses and handbags made on the night.

As places are limited please RSVP to

The Activist:

If Hong Kong's pollution is something that really upsets you, then the Clean Air event at Box Thai is for you. Clean Air Network (CAN) and Box Thai are hosting a night of cocktails along with AsiaSpa to raise awareness about air pollution in Hong Kong. The night will include a live performance by the band David Bowie Knives, and an art display by David LeBeuf Photography.

Time: 7-9pm
Location: Box Thai, Arbuthnot Road
Cost: Free

The Tweeter:

Tweet Camp is for anyone who is interested in learning all about tweeting. Twitter is quickly becoming the most attractive way to reach the world. Learn from tweet expert Perri Gorman all the tricks and secrets to mastering this 140 characters or less world! Tonight's topic is Social Media for Social good and all about examples about how different companies use Twitter to grow their businesses.

Time: 7-10pm
Location: Center of Excellence Unit 502, Summit Insurance Building 789 Nathan Road Kowloon
Cost: $480 per person. Free to anyone involved in a charity.

Have a great night girls!!

Shopping in Sham Shui Po

For a long time in Hong Kong we've been hearing about this semi-mystical place called Sham Shui Po where you can get all these wonderful things like haberdashery items, decorations, film props, cheap clothes and much much more. Spurred on by the need to find decorations for our upcoming Sexy Xmas party, we finally took to the MTR to venture out there (full disclosure: we don't venture Kowloon-side as often as we should). We got there earlyish at about 11am when some of the street stallholders were still setting up their stalls and when the streets were still pretty empty. We headed first for Fuk Wing Street which is a treasure trove for all things Christmassy: baubles, tinsel and fake trees galore, and all at wholesale prices so there's not a lot of room to bargain. Despite our lack of Canto-speaking we were able to find kind people on the street who took pity on us and helped us arrange delivery of all our purchases to the Island with the shopkeeper - essential if you're going to keep on shopping!

Leaving Fuk Wing we headed to Nam Cheong Street passing TONS of clothes stores where we glimpsed reasonable looking knitwear and exercise gear (including yoga tops and leggings) and arrived in the haberdashery area which is around 100 Nam Cheong Street. Piling into the tiny stores we were thrilled to discover all manner of trims, ribbons and exciting items, like fully-beaded bib necklaces of the kind that you'd buy in a boutique in Central, and patches and badges to sew onto jackets. We picked up some necklaces and beaded belts which were not originally on the shopping trip but which just had to be got, and then ended up wandering along Cheung Sha Wan Road which was full of even more clothes shops stocking kids fashions. We saw some items that we've bought in Stanley Market for nieces, nephews and god children back home for literally a fraction of the price.

The shops aren't exactly set up for retail customers, so be prepared to have a bit of a rummage, and you will also need to be quite assertive when it comes to finding the shopkeeper to find out prices. If you can handle this though, you're sure to find some great bargains for your Christmas shopping, and you don't even need to venture over the border!

Our favourite store was:
Hang Yip Garment Accessories Company
G/F 108A Nam Cheong Street
Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

(exit B2 from Sham Shui Po MTR station will take you to Fuk Wa and Fuk Wing Streets).

Monday, 23 November 2009

Harvest Bagels & Cafe

Until now the only place I really knew to go for a good bagel was The Press Room on Hollywood Road. You have to understand that I am a complete bagel snob! The thing I love about The Press Room is that they actually import H&H Bagels from New York. The only problem is The Press Room only serves these dough rings on the weekends.So Monday-Friday I have been out of luck. Thank goodness I can now satisfy my bagel craving anytime thanks to Harvest Bagel & Cafe.

Harvest opened recently on Lyndhurst Terrace. On the menu: bagels, loads of bagels, onion, plain, cinnamon crunch, everything.... I personally love just a plain bagel toasted and smothered with extra cream cheese! By the way, the cream cheese is homemade people. That's right, I said homemade. Flavors include plain, sun dried tomato, black olive, Cajun powder, pineapple, strawberry and even avocado. Guess what? They also make bagel sandwiches to order with all kinds of options from salmon to curried chicken. Also on the menu you'll find a tasty array soups, salads, and smoothies.

Take your bagel to go, or if you have time to sit and unwind Harvest sprawls over two floors. The bottom floor is more like a cafe and upstairs there is plenty of room to dine.

Harvest Bagel & Cafe
G/F, 36 Lyndhurst Terrace

Pre-Christmas Luxury Emporium at FINDS

At Sassy we love doing things with a twist which is why we can't wait to stop by the Pre- Christmas Luxury Emporium at FINDS this week. This is not your regular Christmas Bazaar girls - there will be shopping, cocktails at Happy Hour prices, and yummy food which is perfect for any Sassy Girl who wants to get a head start on her holiday shopping.

When: Monday (23 November) until Wednesday (25 November)
Time: 5:30 pm - 10:30pm
Where: FINDS (2/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street)
Enjoy: Fab Finds, 2 for 1 drinks on all standard drinks until 10pm and Scandinavian food!

Why buy when you can rent?

So we all learned about Bag Borrow or Steal in Sex and the City where you can rent fabulous bags without the designer price tag attached. Well, now there is a company (sorry Hong Kong - it is just in the US) that is helping girls out with their attire too! is a virtual closet where you can rent clothes for almost any occasion imaginable.

There are three membership levels (I Have To Have It, I Need It and I Want IT) and you are charged monthly from $19.99-$39.99. Each item can be kept for 10-20 days depending on your membership level.

I love this concept for party dresses since I always find myself wanting to wear a different one to each party/wedding I attend. With a website like I could wear a new dress for each occasion without shelling out loads of cash for something I will only wear once.

Now, the website is missing a FAQ section so I am still wondering what happens if you spill a glass of red wine down the front of your rental dress which has been known to happen to me!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The perfect gift for the man who has everything?

Over the coming few weeks, we're going to be trying to help out by giving as many gift suggestions as possible for the man or men in your life... We know the pain of wracking your brain for hours, spending days of your life traipsing round the shops only to pick out what you think is the perfect gift, only to have it greeted with lackluster enthusiasm and then to be tossed aside never to see the light of day again. We really think that for men it's so easy to pick out gifts for us - clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery, perfume, holidays etc., we're pretty much an open book about what we love! We're going to try to turn the tables a little to give you the best gift ideas straight from the source - men themselves.

First up, one that we can't really wholeheartedly endorse as a surefire winner - the man skirt... or should that be the mirt? Seen on the catwalks of avante-garde labels for many a year and season, and modeled by David Beckham in sarong-form, they've never really caught on, have they? This time they're going mainstream in 2010 for H&M's Spring collection, and the one shown in the image above is about as wearable as it's every going to get. Worn with skinny (preferably cropped pants) underneath, like this and paired with a nonchalant attitude, we actually are starting to like this look. We're excited to see the mirt hit the streets of Hong Kong!

Image via Hypebeast

Friday, 20 November 2009

Favourite Winter "Recipe"

For me, winter is really the time for indulgence and a little bit of naughty eating. When I lived in Switzerland I came to associate winter with those warming and sinful cheese dishes like Fondue and Raclette that the Swiss like so much. I even brought my raclette machine with me when I moved to Hong Kong, although it hasn't had an outing yet!

For a little delicious treat at home though, there's nothing better than some steaming hot, molten, oven-baked Camembert, enjoyed with some crusty French bread. It's the perfect comfort food to serve a friend who just happens to pop by around dinner time when the fridge is bare, or curled up on the sofa watching a movie. The funny thing about it is that people actually think it's more impressive than the two minute preparation time - it's all in the styling you know!

Here's how you do it:
Buy a nice ripe camembert that comes in a wooden box (Oliver's and CitySuper have good cheese counters). Open the box and unwrap the cheese. Put the cheese back in the box. Cut a clove of garlic in half and rub over the top of the cheese. Pour a little white wine over the top of the cheese so that it sits on the top. Put the lid of the box back on and place in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees c or Gas Mark 6 for 10-15 minutes.

Carefully take out of the oven, and serve in the box on a wooden chopping board with some fresh baguette (allow your guests to tear off chunks with their hands). You can also accompany with some cornichons (little gherkins) and mini pickled onions for the authentic twist.


Heart by have launched a new more affordable line (all pieces under US$50) aimed at teenagers, called Heart... As always, super-cute styling in all their images, and I don't see any any reason at all why those of us who've crossed that over-25 line couldn't indulge in some of these items! My favourites from the line are above - the heart headband would just be too perfect for Valentine's day.