Monday, 31 August 2009

Sassy Addresses: Swimwear

This summer, Sassy has swimwear sorted!

We've posted about it before, but it bears repeating that Ozzie Cozzie is one of the best places in Hong Kong to find the perfect feel-good bikini. I can't believe that anyone LOVES bikini shopping, in the same way as shoe shopping for example (my feet never have a fat day)! Ozzie Cozzie really takes the ick out of b-ik-ini shopping... see what I did there?

Tucked away in an otherwise unremarkable building in LKF, Ozzie Cozzie will delight you as you step through their doors with a dazzle of colour and pattern. Thankfully, they're all arranged by size too, so no need to dig through racks and racks to find what fits. I just love the Seafolly range they stock, which seem to be some of the best-made bikinis I've ever tried on (with accompanying price tag unfortunately).

The sales style is helpful but laid-back - no hovering around the changing room curtain to catch a glimpse of your wobbly bits! Apart from bikinis, they also stock a huge range of swimsuits and tankinis, so even the most body-conscious girl is catered for.

Apart from Ozzie Cozzie, Sassy also recommends Amandarling on Lyndhurst Terrace for pretty prints and adorable coverups (though their swimwear doesn't have any padding, which is a problem for us girls who need a little "help"). Their kids range is just too sweet, and they have the most covetable candy-coloured beach towels to brighten up your little patch of sand.

We're ready to hit the beach!

Image via Amandarling

Snoozer Loser Scarves

We've been noticing a lot more scarves on the streets of Hong Kong recently, and really love this trend. It's an easy way to introduce a layered look without dying of the heat, and really helps to fend off the brutal air con in restaurants. I love these tie-dyed scarves from Snoozer Loser (great name!), which are also reasonably priced at US$28.

Snoozer Loser also sells the coolest jewellery and high-waisted skirts.

Sassy Chic Boutique

It was a very busy weekend for Sassy. Our Chic Boutique event on Saturday was so much fun and the pictures that Lifestyle Asia took are now up on their site!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Battle of the Fro-Yos

Hong Kong has been swept by frozen yoghurt fever as brands looking to replicate Pinkberry's overwhelming success (but not subsequent recent decline) take over the town. In the past week I have finally been persuaded to give this dessert craze a try, previously being a strongly committed ice cream girl! I guess I like my puddings and sweets so much, and enjoy them as a treat, that I don't really see a whole lot of point in trying low fat or lower calorie alternatives when there's no way they can taste so good, right?

Well, in a lot of ways, frozen yoghurt (obviously) is not as good as ice cream, having that yoghurty tang which is hard to get used to. However, surprisingly for me, the texture is smooth, light and creamy and the innovative range of toppings that the new chains are offering mean that you can really infinitely customize your snack.

We started off at Berrygood, which is the original for Hong Kong as the first to launch here. Located just off Hollywood Road in Central, their shop is teeny-tiny, with a little eating area where you can perch on hot pink banquettes while enjoying the frozen yoghurt. We sampled Original flavor (a plain creamy yoghurty taste) and Pomegranate, their flavour of the day which tasted strangely like Strawberry. Refreshing and delicious topped with chocolate sauce and chopped nuts, you definitely see how you can quickly offset any health benefits by loading up on toppings. Berrygood froyo was a big hit with us, and we left commenting how nice it was to abandon the usual Starbucks and Mix run for something different.
Last night I headed to Ship Street for dinner (stunning recommendation of Rokkaku by a friend), and afterwards wandered around the back streets of Wanchai for a while before stumbling on Yo Mama. I am such a sucker for cute branding that I was instantly excited to try. I've seen that their shop in IFC is opening soon, and so was keen to get a preview of what will be on offer. Yo Mama was really buzzing with mostly groups of girls sitting and chatting in the elevated mezzanine cafe area. It was interesting that the bars around were almost empty - could people really be shunning alcohol for frozen yoghurt?

We tried Original and Green Tea flavor, of which a little sign said that the Original was sweetened with Splenda. We topped our pots with chocolate sauce, toasted coconut, strawberries and crushed Oreos. Unfortunately the toasted coconut was a little like sawdust, and kept catching in my throat! Overall, Yo Mama was definitely not as good as Berrygood - there just wasn't any depth of flavour, and for me the yoghurt wasn't sweet enough. I'd rather have the sugar and enjoy it more.

We still need to try Yoghurtime in Soho, which I'm excited for as they break out of the Pinkberry model, and have around 100 flavours. We'll keep you posted on whether it can beat Berrygood!

G/F 41-43 Graham Street, Central
2543 8393

Yo Mama
16 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai
2865 5600

Images via Hong Kong Hustle

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Secret Stylist

We wanted to point you in the direction of one of our favourite Hong Kong fashion blogs - The Secret Stylist. The writer, Lucy, shares valuable HK shopping tips and tricks, and writes in a witty and irreverent style, with plenty of references to hangovers, chavs and a certain "hot Welshman", who she'll be tying the knot with later this year. We're hooked, and we're sure you will be too!

Anna Wintour-The September Issue

We all know Anna Wintour , Vogue's editor-in-chief. For so long she has led a mysteriously glamorous life, and impacts the fashion industry like no other. Every fashionista around the world is anticipating the release of the tell-all documentary following Wintour and her team as they put together The September Issue of Vogue. Wintour has allowed the cameras to go behind the scenes to let us into her crazy world. The September Issue will be released in NYC August 28th.....we at Sassy will be first in line for tickets when it comes to Hong Kong!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Summer Separates

While I love the ease of summer dresses (put on one item, add accessories and you're ready to go!), dressing in separates looks so much more fresh and put-together for now. After so many years of lettings tops hang out, and skirts and trousers dangling around the hips, it takes a bit of effort to coordinate a look where you need to tuck your shirt in.

I love how the girls in the pictures above have all taken pale loose blouse-type tops and matched them with such different bottoms. Accessories and hair seem to have deliberately been kept very simple and chic. Love the girl with the stripey tee at the top most of all!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sassy Girl In Training

I recently met a beautiful 4 year old girl named Ava Grace. I met her at a nail salon and she wasn't just patiently waiting for her mom's nails to dry - she was getting her very first pedicure! While we were all pampering ourselves I talked to Ava's mom, who is a very Sassy by the way, and found out that Ava is quite a Sassy young girl herself. I found out that Ava Grace is in love with all things girly (aren't we all!) and she just won't settle for a plain old t-shirt and jeans. She loves anything pink and can't live without her dresses that swirl. Imagine Ava's disappointment when she found out she had to wear a uniform to school this year (Ava is in K4 at Hong Kong Academy). A basic polo shirt and blue skirt just wouldn't cut it for the lovely Ava - she jazzed her uniform up and put her own individual touch to it. I love the multi colored butterfly leggings and pink socks (both from H&M) that Ava paired with her school uniform to give it a little touch of her own personal style.

I think we all can learn something from Ava. Sometimes there are things we just have to wear such as a suit for work or a demure cocktail dress for a sophisticated party but it is up to us to make it our own with accessories that make us stand out in a crowd and show our own individual style!

I want to wish Ava good luck in school this year. In my mind she already has an A+ in the style department!

Smoky Alice

Internet shopping in Hong Kong still has a ways to go. Apart from, which is a firm Sassy favourite for its huge choice and beautiful packaging (it feels a little like sending yourself a gift in the mail!), there aren't a huge number of other options.

We stumbled across Korean brand Smoky Alice, and just love their pared-down and simple approach to styling and the selection of wearable basics. Each piece has just enough of a twist to elevate it to something special. In particular I'm wanting the long cotton skirt above - paired with a simple tank I think it would be great for daytime around town. Confusingly the site is in English, but then switches to Korean as soon as you try to find out where they ship!

Jamie Oliver in Hong Kong

Jamie Oliver will be launching a "Jamie's Italian" restaurant in Hong Kong in Spring/Summer of 2010, and we're definitely looking forward to it! We feel like there's a bit of a gap in the market for a mid-range Italian - Isola and Tuscany by H make sure the higher end is well covered. The price range is likely to be around HK$300 per head for a starter, main course and glass of wine - pretty reasonable!

There are currently 5 branches of Jamie's Italian in the UK - it is amazing how Jamie is heading for world domination! You can also buy his eponymous line of food products in Olivers in Central.

Having cooked some recipes from Jamie's Italian cookbook, I'll be excited to try this new restaurant. The cookbook is full of rustic treats, and the risotto section in particular is excellent.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we hear more news on where the restaurant will be located.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Rosarini - All End of Season Styles are $130!

I am the type of girl that always has a million things on my "I want" list. With my list being so full I have to be creative in finding ways to afford them. This usually means waiting around until the sales come so lucky for me ROSARINI has just told us about a new promotion they are offering. All End of Season Styles are all being sold for $130! Check out their sale soon since I am sure things won't be around for long! If you haven't heard about ROSARINI you can read about this brand when we first posted about it.

This is a sale you definitely don't want to miss!

Ho Lee Commercial Building
40 D'Aguliar Street
8th Floor, Room D
Lan Kwai Fong
2526 1036

Trend Alert: Earlaces

I am sure by now you may have noticed that the 80's are making a comeback. Big over sized sweaters, edgy accessories, and your boyfriend's jeans are all the rage. I was browsing the site 80s Purple this weekend, and I stumbled upon a look that I am not too sure about....the "earlaces". Earlaces are the mix of earrings and necklaces. I guess this might be good for the girl in a rush who doesn't have the time to put on both earrings and a necklace, or perhaps great as a space saver in your jewelry box. Either way, not so sure you will see me sporting this look anytime soon....then again I also said I would never wear leggings and I now have a few pairs! I guess these may be a big hit as I was surprised to see that this look by Dechel costs $410USD and is already out of stock!
If earlaces aren't for you, another look that is on the rise are super long earrings. The Dechel earrings above are 14 inches long. Wow!

Chic Boutique This Saturday

We're very excited about this week's Sassy event on Saturday: Chic Boutique. We began planning for this event a while ago, as we had the idea that we would love to introduce our members to interesting new local designers and vendors who can offer something different from the regular HK fashion experience. We of course thought the event would be even better if we were to combine it with champagne, dessert and goodie bags, and Chic Boutique was born.

We found a great venue in Dakota Prime - an intimate restaurant with a great location in the LKF Hotel, and a sophisticated bar area. Over the past month, we have been searching high and low to try to find vendors who we think our Sassy members will love. We've been aiming to keep the price point reasonable so everyone can find something for them, and asked our vendors to offer discounts versus how much their normal retail prices are. We hope you will enjoy seeing all the pieces on offer - hopefully there will be some covetable things you haven't seen before!

The event begins at 3.30pm, and we'd recommend arriving early to avoid disappointment, as space is limited. You can shop from 3.30-5.30pm while enjoying Champagne, Cupcakes and Dessert, and then there'll be a Cocktail Hour from 5.30-6.30pm when we'll be gearing up for your Saturday night out on the town with discounted cocktails, yummy snacks and a makeup artist on hand to give you tips. Come alone or with a friend and get ready to shop, sip and socialize!

You can buy tickets at just HK$100 via the Sassy website, or pay HK$120 on the door. Please let us know any questions in the comments section below, or by emailing

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! It was truly gorgeous out, so Maura and I had a lot of fun on a junk trip on Saturday on the Michaelangelo which is the nicest junk I've been on so far. Lots of room to spread out and relax, and for someone as pale as me, lots of shady areas which is important.

I definitely think hiring a DJ if you can is a great touch as it means no fighting over whose ipod will get the most play! Unfortunately we weren't dressed like above, but maybe next time!

Image from Vogue Nippon

Friday, 21 August 2009

Florals and Leopard Print: Room to Outfit

Now that the sun is shining again we're ready to get the most out of the rest of summer - junk trips, al fresco drinks in Stanley staring out to sea and of course, basking in the glory of air conditioning! Nothing says summer like white, and mixing white with florals is gorgeously English country garden... Adding leopard print prevents everything from becoming overly saccharine and granny-style.
We took inspiration from the room above to create this late summer outfit. Perfect to take you from a demure afternoon tea at The Mandarin's Clipper Lounge to cocktails at the only terrace in Hong Kong guaranteed to wow every time: Sevva. Chic despite the plastic glasses!

Clockwise from left: Earrings from; Alexander Wang T-Shirt; Cavalli Bracelet; Miu Miu Clutch; Forever 21 Skirt; Topshop Shoes.
Top Image via This is Glamorous

Sassy Hour at DYMK, August 6th

Sassy Hour at DYMK (Does Your Mother Know) was one of our favourites yet. Everyone loved the boudoir decor, and we couldn't get enough of the ooh-la-la look! Over 80 girls joined us... some familiar faces, new members, and friends of friends! Prize Giveaways for the night included dinner for two at Uno Mas and a refreshing Body Wrap at The Retreat in Repulse Bay. Thanks to everyone for such a fun and fabulous evening, and thank you to Cindy for taking the pics!

To view more pictures of this event check out Sassy Pics on our main site!

Dogs on the Mid-Levels Escalator

We usually post on very light-hearted subjects here at Sassy, but we also very much feel part of the Hong Kong community and often want to draw attention to more serious issues. There was a very bad accident on the Mid-Levels escalator yesterday where a dog was severely injured due to its paw becoming trapped. We would really like to remind everyone who uses the escalator (tens of thousands each day) to please always carry your dogs, or to take the stairs if you have a big dog. Make sure that if someone else is caring for your dog during the day, they also know to do this.

One of our favourite Sassy charities is the Hong Kong Dog Rescue, who do wonderful work to care for and re-home abandoned dogs in Hong Kong. They will be holding an Dog Adoption Day this Sunday from 12-6pm at Little Princess, at 1-2 St. Stephen's Lane in Mid-Levels.

If you are not able to adopt a dog, then please take a look at the Hong Kong Dog Rescue website for other ways you can help and get involved!

Photo of Hovis the blind Yorkie who is currently looking for a home.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Decorating A Small Space

I love living in Hong Kong! I moved here in January of 2008 from Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale is desert living at its best. Lots of golf courses, resorts, sunshine year round, and tons of space. Basically the complete opposite of living here in Hong Kong. I must admit, I absolutely enjoy this urban city, and am quite concerned that I may never be able to live the suburban lifestyle again! The fact that I can walk out of my building and be steps from stylish boutiques, posh restaurants, crowded street markets, and all the action is just fantastic. There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't discover something new....whether I'm in my neighborhood the concrete jungle of Mid-levels or venture off to places like Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, and Stanley. Every side-street, alley way, and street corner is loaded with hidden treasures and fabulous finds. I'm always amazed when I enter a building and every floor is packed with shops I never would have known about had I not pressed the wrong elevator button!

One of the biggest challenges for me when I moved here was realizing that my apartment was going to require some serious creative design and decor to feel like I actually have space. I have learned to be really organized (well, I'm actually working on that!), and creative in finding a place for all my things (under the beds, couches, anywhere). I've also discovered some tricks that really make a difference...

White is an ideal choice for decorating. It reflects light and totally brightens up the space.

Fill your apartment with furniture that is functional. Tall shelves with drawers are great for storage. Something I always need more of here in Hong Kong.

If you live in a studio or just want to divide two rooms, use backless bookshelves to create a separation without blocking out light. Sunshine really adds to a room and makes it feel more open and airy.

The nice thing about Hong Kong is that it is inexpensive to have items custom built. I recommend adding to your space a low wall or banquette to create extra rooms. I love the above photo with the built-in bench.

The key is to think out of the box and make use of every little area that you have!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Chanel Jade Nail Varnish

We're definitely in a green mood today! At our first meeting this morning Natalie and I both showed up wearing bright green - me a dress, and her a top. For the whole of the rest of the day as we walked around, we could see some strange looks getting cast in our direction!

I'm really liking unusual nail colours at the moment - I think with so much black around in the stores it's such an easy and cheap way to change your look. I can't wait for the launch of Chanel's new Jade polish, which was created especially for their Autumn/Winter show, and which they have decided to release to the public after seeing the demand.
You can see on the pics above how it looks actually on. There's always the risk that if you're very pale it could make you look a little bit ill I suppose, but still, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Twilight Fashion

We're not going to lie, when we finally saw Twilight after all the hype about Robert Pattinson, we totally "got it", even though we're a little out of the teenybopper demographic! I've since read all the Twilight series of books (and would definitely recommend them for long-haul plane trips as they're a great combo of quite long, gripping and an easy read). Now I'm looking forward to the next movie!

We're also noticing to see a bit of vampiric influence starting to creep into other fields. This gold necklace at the top by hip Brit designer Dominic Jones is actually rose thorns, but we think it looks a little like little vampire teeth.
Doo Wop's special Twilight lip venom (for plumping your pout) is designed to be shaken up so that the stain and the gloss mix together to represent the mixing between the human and vampire worlds... um.... ok!
If you just fancy giving a little nod to the trend, we love these little "Baby Vamp Rings" from Bittersweets New York. They come as a pair, so you can give one to your vampire lover - almost like friendship rings from the old days. Bittersweets has tons of other cute and slightly goth-leaning pieces, like their earthworm necklace...ick!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tennis Anyone?

If we are slow to respond to any Sassy emails this morning it is because we are taking the morning off to play tennis! I am not sure if playing tennis is the correct term to use though since I am basically going to be learning to play the game. I have always been athletic but I never had a chance to really learn tennis despite the fact that (a) my Dad always told me it was a sport I should learn because it is social and you can play it even as you get older and (b) my mother-in-law was a champion tennis player when she was young.

I am praying the John McEnroe in me does not come out today because I tend to get frustrated very easily if I am not learning something fast enough when it comes to new sports. While I may be athletic I am still a girly girl so when I was invited to go play tennis one of the first questions I had was "What am I going to wear?". Since I don't know if I will take to tennis I will be playing today in my normal yoga pants and tank top but the inspiration board above is what I really wish I was wearing. If today goes well maybe I will treat myself to a tennis outfit like this one. I am not sure I can justify the Chanel racket though - but a girl can dream!

New Season Transition: H&M

Here in Hong Kong, knowing we still have a few months ahead of us of summer, or at least of heat, we start casting around for ways of updating our look with fun accessories, as piling on any kind of layers is just out of the question! Luckily for us, H&M's new collection is full of super-fun jewel tone accessories and pieces with a level of detail and design which is far above the price point.

We just love this sequined jacket (to be worn over a white tank with boyfriend jeans a la Betty), and this fun purple bandage skirt which could work for both day or evening with flats or super-high heels. Silk and cotton scarves are great for tying around the handle of your bag then to be whipped off and tied around your neck in draughty cinemas and restaurants. We're still loving chunky cocktail rings too!

In case you're addicted to H&M's perfect T's (I have to have at least 5 white ones on rotation at any one time), the Queen's Road Central branch now has a TON in stock in all different colours. I need to stock up!

Sassy Addresses: Island Beverley

Not exactly a well-kept secret, you'll share this mall with half of Hong Kong's fashion-forward teens if you make the mistake of going on a weekend or after school hours! Island Beverly is popular with good reason though - floor after floor of tiny boutiques crammed with funky shoes, accessories and clothes. It can feel a little headache-inducing spiraling round the cramped corridors and riding the narrow escalators, but sticking with it you will get your fashion rewards! A lot of the merchandise is imported Japanese and Korean brands, at a whole range of price points though generally very reasonable.

Today we saw a lot of chain necklaces, studded bags of all kinds and punky goth t-shirts. A great way to try out the new season trends without getting too committed! One word of warning - often the boutiques don't have fitting rooms and aren't willing to let you try pieces on, so be prepared to guestimate your size!

One stand-out store we loved with SUCH cool necklaces and fun vintage-style hair bands and brooches from Korea was Image Code, which is Shop 260 on the 2nd Floor.

Island Beverley
1 Great George Street (Opposite Sogo)
Causeway Bay

What's Hot on the Runways for Fall (Trends 6-10)

Yesterday we wrote about 5 hot trends for fall and today we are following up with 5 more that you can work into your wardrobe to ensure that you are wearing the latest and greatest looks for autumn.

6. Graceful Geometry: Minimalism is key for this look. Dresses are the way to work this look and the detailing is with soft pleats or origami folds.

7. Caped Crusaders: When summer starts to turn into fall you just need a little something to make you feel all cozy and warm and this year it is all about the cape. To pull of this seasons look go for a cape in satin, leather or wool.

8. Shine and Drape: The key to pulling off this look is going for satin and sequins that will be sure to make you shine. Colors are muted with soft pinks and greys which ensures that the satin and sequins are the main event in the outfit.

9. Prints: Now, this is a trend I need to work into my look this fall. I am more of a solid girl and I always admire girls who don't shy away from a fun print. For fall, icon photo prints are in, which I am loving! Houndstooth check and jacquard are also hot for fall. I think these prints are definitely something I can work into my look in the upcoming months.

10. Colors: As we mentioned yesterday in trend number 2, black is as in as always but color is giving it a run for its money this fall. The best way to wear this trend is with a fun colored coat - I guess that is if you live in a place where it actually gets cold enough to need a coat!

Trends: Marie Claire UK, August 2009
Graceful Geometry: Lanvin
Caped Crusader: Jeremy Laing, Y-3, Tuleh
Shine and Drape: Balenciaga
Prints: Dolce & Gabbana
Colors: Versace

Sequins for daytime

This is how it's done...

Monday, 17 August 2009

What's Hot on the Runways for Fall (Trends 1-5)

While reading the August 09 issue of Marie Claire (UK edition) I came across the top 10 trends that are being seen on the runway for Fall. Since we all seem to love everything fashion here at Sassy I figured I would share them with you. Some of the things you may already have in your wardrobe, while others may require taking out the photo album to see how your mom dressed 30 years ago.

Below are 5 of the trends and tomorrow we will showcase the remaining 5.

1. The 80s: I am shocked to see that 80s fashion has made a comeback and I am even more surprised that I actually like some of the things I am seeing. The 2009 version of the 80s is seen in razor sharp shoulders, sequins, and bright neon colors.

2. Fierce Fashion: I am loving this trend! I think having a little edge to your look is amazing when living in a major city. This season it is all about the black leather and studs/zips on everything.

3. Bourgeois Chic: This trend is the total opposite of Fierce Fashion. Bourgeois Chic is about being very ladylike and structured. For the fall we will be seeing slim (or gently belled) skirts to the knee, "eel-thin" belts to cinch in the waist and fun accessories such as brooches, hats and gloves.

4. Country Pursuits: Looking at this trend has me imagining myself in the countryside in England. This look is all about soft colors, cozy knitwear and long scarves.

5. Man/Women Mix: It is always nice to feel ladylike and pretty but sometimes a girl just needs to add some masculine feel to her look. The Man/Women trend marries boyfriend blazers over girly blouses. Silk and Satin is the key to keeping this look girly.

Trends: Marie Claire UK, August 2009
80s: Balmain
Fierce Fashion: Nicole Miller
Bourgeois Chic: Donna Karan
Country Pursuits: Ralph Lauren
Man/Women Mix: DVF, Tracy Reese, Tracy Reese