Monday, 14 December 2009

New Sassy Site!

Please redirect all links and your browsers to to check out our new site - all our posts now live over there!

We've been hard at work over the past month on our new Sassy website, which we're now super-excited to show you. We'll be posting all our new posts up over there, and we've moved all our content over too so you can still find all these blog posts. There are still some tweaks to be made, so apologies if some of the pages are a little screwy, but we'll be fixing these over the next couple of weeks. The most exciting part of the new site is our new City Guide section, so we'd love to hear what you think!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Italian Christmas Market at Goccia on Sunday 13th

Buon Natale! It's time to celebrate the festive season the Italian way, with prosecco, panettone and pizza at Goccia while you shop for gifts for family and friends from VIPbox, Mischa Designs and Bejewelled Bespoke to name just a few. The fun kicks off at 3pm tomorrow and goes into the evening, so you can shop (and eat) 'til you drop!

Rob Ryan Wall Decal

For a few years now I've been completely in love with the work of Rob Ryan... I even designed my wedding invitation to look like one of his pieces. I'm also very confused as to whether Starbucks will get into trouble for blatantly completely ripping his work off (umm, maybe a little like I did with my wedding invite?) with their Christmas campaign.

I'm really wishing for this wall decal from Areaware to place above my bed. It's called "I Love You More Than Sleep", and the only thing stopping me from whipping out my credit card and buying it right now is the US$120 price tag. It might be going on my Christmas wishlist though!

Friday, 11 December 2009

There's an App for that...

We were so excited this morning to discover that someone has created a free "Hong Kong Lifestyle" Blackberry application, featuring content from CNNGo, HKClubbing, Lifestyle Asia, NecesCity and Sassy! You can download it here. Unfortunately as I have an iPhone I'm not able to check it out... we'd love someone to create an iPhone app for us though!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Candle Company

My life for the past week has been filled with big brown boxes, bubble wrap, packing and unpacking. That's right, I moved! While it is absolutely exciting to be in a new apartment, the process can be overwhelming. Now I'm at the fun part, I'm flipping through magazines trying to get inspiration for ways to decorate my new abode....I've been dreaming of all the possibilities for my new space. It's almost like moving is a fresh start, a new beginning. As usual when I move into a new space I keep making all kinds of promises to myself about how organized I'm going to be now, how I won't let any clutter build up....this time I swear I will stick to this!

My mother reminded me on a phone call yesterday that I have actually moved 18 times in the past 12 years. Wow! Through the years I've learned a few tricks about making a house a home. For a simple way to make your place cozy I recommend candles. Candles really warm up a room, and there is such a welcoming feeling when a candle is burning. I know when I go to Maura's apartment, she always has a candle lit in the kitchen and in her family room. The scents can be so pleasant and really lend in making a relaxed environment.

Lyndhurst Terrace is home to probably the best candle boutique in town; The Candle Company. Filled with every shape, size, colour, scent and accessorie imaginable... tea lights, tin candles, jar candles.....They also carry some of the most fragrant oils and oil burners like Ginger Lily and Sandalwood that are sure to make your apartment smell fresh!

I'm down to unpacking my last few boxes. I will definitely be heading over to The Candle Company to pick up some candles over the weekend. The best part is, if I can't make it out, The Candle Company offers delivery service so I can just place my order online!

By the way, candles make a great Holiday gift for just about any girl whethere it be your mom, mother-in-law, friend or even colleague!

The Candle Company
11 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2545 0099

tanya-b launches her first yoga line and you are invited!

We are very excited to announce the launch of tanya-b, a new yoga inspired clothing line that was created for girls who want functionality without sacrificing fashion.

The tanya-b collection will make its official debut on Monday 14 December and you are invited to celebrate with the founder herself (Tanya Boulton) as she holds a day long party filled with shopping, drinks and music! Daytime shopping hours will be from 12-6pm and the evening launch party/shopping event goes from 7-11pm.

We got a sneak peak at some of the clothes in her line and we love the look of them and can't wait to try everything on come Monday. I am loving the tie dye yoga tops and think this may have to go on my Christmas wish list. I am flying to the U.S. for the holidays on Tuesday so my plan is to stock up on tanya-b attire to make my long 16 hour flight a little more comfy!

We don't think you will need another reason to stop by this shopping event but if you do then we have one for you! The event will be hosted at Candace Collective which is a New York style loft which has been featured in Home Journal, SCMP and Cosmopolitan. We are in love with the space and think the designer Candace Campos is amazing!

Word of Advice: Hit the ATM before coming because this is a cash only event.

What: the launch of the first collection from tanya-b
Why: a fun come and go shopping event
When: Monday, 14 December
Time: 12-6pm - Day time Shopping & drinks
7-11pm - launch party, DJ, Shopping and fun
Where: Candace Collective 1/F, 171-177 Hollywood Road
Inquiries: or 6448 7310

Hope to see you there!

Don't Miss Eco Action Day: Saturday 12th December

We have trouble reminding ourselves that this season isn't only about partying, sparkly dresses and fabulous gifts sometimes - luckily all through December there are some great charitable efforts (like the great HK Alley Cat Fundraiser on Tuesday!) to keep our feet on the ground.

This weekend, take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and mild weather we're enjoying to head out to Lantau to take part in the Eco Action Day Challenge. The day kicks off at 9am at Ark Eden Eco Centre in Mui Wo and Eco Challengers will battle beach rubbish (target is 100 bags), wrestle disused agricultural land into submission, build raised garden beds, sprout a native seedling tree nursery and compost all the organic rubbish from the event. A lunch break and snacks will be provided for all participants.

The Eco Action Day Challenge ends at dusk with a vegetarian feast at Ark Eden, followed by a reggae party at China Beach Club with Rocksteady Ska, Dub & Reggae Club (all proceeds to Ark Eden Foundation), and a candlelit vigil on Silver Mine Beach 12.30pm to support ‘tck tck tck’ & ‘350’ call for a real climate deal in Copenhagen.

To learn more about the Ark Eden Eco Day Challenge and to find sponsorship & donation details visit the Ark Eden Website. For further details regarding the Eco Action Day Challenge, email

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Simplicity Wine & Crêpes

Last Thursday on the day after our big Xmas party, we took our hungover selves in search of comfort food to the newly opened Simplicity Wine & Crêpes (from the team behind FINDs) on Wyndham Street. A crêpe is a French pancake which can be served with either sweet or savoury fillings, and which in France are served as an unpretentious street food to be wolfed down on the go.

Simplicity Wine & Crêpes is a tiny, cosy little cafe opposite Solas and just next to the LKF hotel decorated in neutral, modern colours. They're still waiting for their liquor license to come through, so in the meantime it's BYO if you'd like the enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. The great thing about crêpes is that they are good at any time of day depending on the filling you choose and sensibly Simplicity have decided to open a little window at the front of the cafe so that they can even cater to the 2am punter rolling out of Dragon-I with a growling tum. The Hungry German pancake which is filled with sausage and potato sounds like the perfect late-night stomach-filler!

We tried the regular Ham & Cheese, the Greek and the Hong Kong crêpes. The Ham & Cheese was a bit of a mild child, but the Greek (with feta and spinach) and the Hong Kong (with char sui and hoi sin sauce) really hit the spot. We finished up with one of their destined-to-be-famous Snickers crêpes, which was meltingly delicious. They're obviously still working out some minor kinks in their soft opening period and they'd love your feedback! Stop in to enjoy a crêpe before the 10th December and enjoy a free soft drink with your meal. I'm going to be imagining myself back in the Swiss Alps and enjoying one of their hot chocolates as a winter warmer.

Pssst... they will also be serving up their special french fries to the late-night crowd, so there's no need to go in search of a kebab shop to fulfill your carb craving!

Simplicity Wine & Crêpes
G/F 41 Wyndham Street, Central
2123 1558

Backcombing, Hairspray and Big Big Hair

Every year my primary school in the UK would have a dress-up day for Comic Relief, where all the kids would donate money to be able to come to school in costume. One year when I must have been about 5 years old, my mum dressed me as a 1960s glamour puss, complete with backcombed beehive and kohl-lined eyes and my love affair with big hair began. Despite the fact that I know it's terrible for one's hair to backcomb, I just can't resist, but have always had to suppress the urge to crazy. This season though, there's no need for restraint. Big updo's are back for the festive season, and there's no better way to give yourself a quick party-ready look in 5 minutes. It even works better when your hair isn't squeaky clean, which gives you an extra 30 minutes in bed on these cold winter mornings!
If your hair is freshly-washed, or if it's tipped over into greasiness, dry shampoo (try a cheapo brand like Batiste - there's no need to go high-end with these products) will work absolute wonders sprayed onto your roots. It gives a nice matte texture to your hair, and adds volume. Backcomb at the crown using a long-handled comb and then spray with hairspray with your head upside down.

For the top look, this is a classic French chignon basically (or what in the US they call a French twist). Here is a good guide to how to achieve this look. You can make it as big and messy, or small and neat as you like (go big! go big!). For the bottom look, you can follow these instructions to how to create the perfect messy bun. Remember, for both these looks you do not need to put your hair in a pony-tail band first. You only need bobby pins, hair spray and a comb.

Inspiration: Your Work Space

I love having an inspiration board by my desk as I work. Not only does it give a room a burst of colour, but you can also change items out regularly so that your workspace always feels fresh and stimulating. I love these magnetic buttons from Suzy Jack you can use to display papers and photos - a really modern and fun alternative to using thumbtacks, and useful if you only have a metal-walled cubicle in your office!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Passionately Yours

The cold weather season is upon us and if you are looking for ways to heat up the holidays then look no further than Passionately Yours. Passionately Yours was founded to help people in Hong Kong feel comfortable about bringing a little spice into their life. Their product line is filled with a variety of toys, books, music and DVDs that will inspire both the shy and outgoing of us all!

We often get asked about Hen Parties or Girls Night Out ideas and we think it would be so fun to have a Passion Party. Grab your girlfriends and plenty of wine (think this is a must have!) and invite Passionately Yours into your home for an eye opening evening filled with education and tons of laughs.

The whole idea of the parties is to have girly fun and learn about what is out there in a friendly and social environment. They also have Gift Collections so you can really treat the Bride on her big night out! The three of us are pretty shy when it comes to these sorts of things so we were happy to find out that the girls at Passionately Yours can create a party that is as vanilla or far out there as you want! Click here for more information on their parties.

We do blush a little talking about this so if you want to learn more visit the Passionately Yours website to see all the different toys and games that are out there for you to enjoy! They also do private appointments or can help you over the phone so don’t hesitate or be nervous about asking anything at all – chances are they have heard your question before!

P.S. - You can find some sizzling Holiday gift ideas on their site as well….’Tis the season to be naughty!

Shake 'Em Buns

Shake 'em Buns was one of the sponsors for our Sexy Xmas party last week - amidst all the chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes, we knew we needed something super-filling to keep the guys happy. The mini sliders they provided were perfect bite-sized mouthfuls of deliciousness, and provided a great foundation for all the vodka-drinking that went on that night!

Maura and I stopped in to Shake 'em Buns' cafe on the corner of Wellington Street and Pottinger Street last week to try out some items from the menu for ourselves. We'd been running around all morning on an empty stomach and were starting to drool at the idea of a burger lunch. The little cafe is decorated in an American diner-style, with a couple of cosy booths and a row of high stools perched by the window so you can munch happily while watching people make their precarious way down Pottinger. The menu and style of the restaurant is full of funny names (sample burger names are "Missionary", "Gang Bang" and "Cushin' for the Pushin'), signs and humour - upbeat tunes boom out of the sound system, and you can feel your mood get better with every minute inside.

I ordered the Debbie Does Dallas burger, which is essentially a cheeseburger topped with bacon, fried onions and barbeque sauce. It's an oozing, juicy dream of a burger which packs a huge flavour punch. It's not the tidiest thing to eat, so maybe not one to choose if you're on a date. I wolfed it down in about ten seconds flat - you can probably see from my greedy grin in the picture above that it wasn't going to last long! Maura ordered a basket of sliders, which come in several different combos so are great if you can't make up your mind as to what you'd like to try.

There also aren't just burgers on the menu - my husband is OBSESSED with their fried mozzarella sticks, and if you're having a "trying to be healthy" day, I recommend the chicken salad, which unusually for a burger joint actually has very fresh salad.

We'll definitely be stopping into Shake 'em Buns again soon to satisfy our burger cravings!

Shake 'em Buns
76 Wellington Street, Central
2810 5533

Feline Fetish Party at Solas

Join the HK Alley Cat Watch (HKACW) tomorrow night at Solas from 6pm-late for their Feline Fetish Party. Put on your best animal print attire and join the girls from HKACW for a sizzling night of fun, fabulous food/drinks, entertainment, prize giveaways and fundraising.

All are welcome and a door donation of $150 is appreciated. Those who make a donation will receive 1 free standard drink and a lucky draw ticket. 100% of the proceeds from the evening will go to help Hong Kong's street cats.

We are really looking forward to this party as Hester and I both have cats and support everything that HKACW does for abandoned cats here in Hong Kong. My own cat was rescued from Lamma Island so I am definitely looking forward to helping HK Alley Cat Watch and enjoying the amazing party that they have put together.

What: Feline Fetish Party
When: Tuesday, 8 December 2009
Where: Solas (Wyndham Street)
Entry: $150 donation (includes 1 standard drink and a lucky draw ticket)
Entertainment: Bachelor & Bachelorette auction, pole-dance performance, musical performance,

Hope to see you there!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Exclusive Interview - Piecco

Girls, meet Piecco - a fabulous handbag designer who just launched his collection in Hong Kong (and Paris too!). We love his clutches and have been keeping them a secret for way too long so we are excited that we can now give you a look into the collection.


P.P. Tote

Chelsea (purple)

Piecco (who previously worked in the banking industry) creates beautiful handbags made from exotic animal skins in amazing colors and textures. He currently has two lines: Haute Couture and Merci Dani. The Haute Couture Collection is all about being unique so when you order a bag from this collection you will sit down with Piecco and determine the concept and design for the bag. The Merci Dani Collection takes inspiration from the bags that are created in the Haute Couture collection. We love his clutches that are inspired by your own mobile phone number – so creative!

Piecco is such a great personality that we couldn’t write about his bags without interviewing him. We suggest heading to his new studio on On Wo Lane (NoHo) to really get the full Piecco experience. We guarantee he will make it entertaining for you!

Question 1:

Sassy: Why did you decide to leave the financial world for a career in the fashion/handbag industry?

Piecco: The decision wasn't really made by myself... I believe when the right time comes, you will mostly know and grab on to it. It's very simple in Chinese, 春來草自生

Question 2:

Sassy: What is your favourite piece from your new collection?

Piecco: I like the "Diana clutch" as it's easy to carry, dress up/dress down and it is very multi-functional.

Question 3:

Sassy: What type of girl carries a Piecco handbag?

Piecco: I would say a girl with an open mind who likes to explore new things. My handbags are about concept, texture and color (including my black bags as they are different shades of black). I believe it takes time to see what they really are and that's why there is a description card in every bag.

Question 4:

Sassy: What is your must have fashion essential?

Piecco: Pink cotton shirt, white sailor pants, funk bright Addidas sneakers and of course a "piecco".

Since the quality is great the clutches are not cheap but we can think of a million ways to justify having one of his little black clutches - we are in love!

piecco - First Floor, Number Eight, On Wo Lane, NoHo

Photos from Sexy Xmas Party at Prive

The photos from our Sexy Xmas party with are now up on our main site. Click here to view the gallery!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Last Night's Sexy Xmas Party

The lovely Liza from Hip Hong Kong filmed this video from our Sexy Xmas Party last night night at Prive, of our chair dancers from Aerial Arts Academy. As you can imagine, this got everyone on the dance floor pretty quickly as soon as the performance was over. More about the party tomorrow when we'll be posting the photos on our main site - things definitely got pretty pretty crazy and we had an amazing time. Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and letting loose on a Wednesday night! We've definitely kick-started the party season!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sexy Xmas Party Tonight!

Posting has been very light on the blog this week - we're sorry! We're in full crazy-mode gearing up for the Sexy Xmas party tonight so we've been running around doing all sorts of last-minute errands and taking care of preparations. This is our second big party following our Launch Party in September, and there are definitely a lot more elements involved in this one... We've been sourcing our decorations in Sham Shui Po, interviewing Santa and his helpers and rounding up a whole host of naughty prizes and goodie bag items.

We're so lucky to work with such wonderful companies as our party sponsors - people who have bent over backwards to be creative, patient and helpful, and we couldn't do it without them.

You can still pre-purchase tickets at the price of HK$200 until 12pm, or pay HK$250 on the door tonight. Be sure to come early to enjoy the free-flow cocktails until 9.30pm and to be one of the first 150 people who gets a goodie bag!