Saturday, 12 December 2009

Rob Ryan Wall Decal

For a few years now I've been completely in love with the work of Rob Ryan... I even designed my wedding invitation to look like one of his pieces. I'm also very confused as to whether Starbucks will get into trouble for blatantly completely ripping his work off (umm, maybe a little like I did with my wedding invite?) with their Christmas campaign.

I'm really wishing for this wall decal from Areaware to place above my bed. It's called "I Love You More Than Sleep", and the only thing stopping me from whipping out my credit card and buying it right now is the US$120 price tag. It might be going on my Christmas wishlist though!


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  2. Once again, you have my mind engaged. After taking my huge leap four years ago I think I now realize that I have been distracted by the "shiny" instead of searching for the glow.

  3. Chris, A great way to find and follow your path! I have always found that people who find their passion are happiest in their life/career choices. Thanks for this.


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