Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Candle Company

My life for the past week has been filled with big brown boxes, bubble wrap, packing and unpacking. That's right, I moved! While it is absolutely exciting to be in a new apartment, the process can be overwhelming. Now I'm at the fun part, I'm flipping through magazines trying to get inspiration for ways to decorate my new abode....I've been dreaming of all the possibilities for my new space. It's almost like moving is a fresh start, a new beginning. As usual when I move into a new space I keep making all kinds of promises to myself about how organized I'm going to be now, how I won't let any clutter build up....this time I swear I will stick to this!

My mother reminded me on a phone call yesterday that I have actually moved 18 times in the past 12 years. Wow! Through the years I've learned a few tricks about making a house a home. For a simple way to make your place cozy I recommend candles. Candles really warm up a room, and there is such a welcoming feeling when a candle is burning. I know when I go to Maura's apartment, she always has a candle lit in the kitchen and in her family room. The scents can be so pleasant and really lend in making a relaxed environment.

Lyndhurst Terrace is home to probably the best candle boutique in town; The Candle Company. Filled with every shape, size, colour, scent and accessorie imaginable... tea lights, tin candles, jar candles.....They also carry some of the most fragrant oils and oil burners like Ginger Lily and Sandalwood that are sure to make your apartment smell fresh!

I'm down to unpacking my last few boxes. I will definitely be heading over to The Candle Company to pick up some candles over the weekend. The best part is, if I can't make it out, The Candle Company offers delivery service so I can just place my order online!

By the way, candles make a great Holiday gift for just about any girl whethere it be your mom, mother-in-law, friend or even colleague!

The Candle Company
11 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2545 0099


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