Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Simplicity Wine & Crêpes

Last Thursday on the day after our big Xmas party, we took our hungover selves in search of comfort food to the newly opened Simplicity Wine & Crêpes (from the team behind FINDs) on Wyndham Street. A crêpe is a French pancake which can be served with either sweet or savoury fillings, and which in France are served as an unpretentious street food to be wolfed down on the go.

Simplicity Wine & Crêpes is a tiny, cosy little cafe opposite Solas and just next to the LKF hotel decorated in neutral, modern colours. They're still waiting for their liquor license to come through, so in the meantime it's BYO if you'd like the enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. The great thing about crêpes is that they are good at any time of day depending on the filling you choose and sensibly Simplicity have decided to open a little window at the front of the cafe so that they can even cater to the 2am punter rolling out of Dragon-I with a growling tum. The Hungry German pancake which is filled with sausage and potato sounds like the perfect late-night stomach-filler!

We tried the regular Ham & Cheese, the Greek and the Hong Kong crêpes. The Ham & Cheese was a bit of a mild child, but the Greek (with feta and spinach) and the Hong Kong (with char sui and hoi sin sauce) really hit the spot. We finished up with one of their destined-to-be-famous Snickers crêpes, which was meltingly delicious. They're obviously still working out some minor kinks in their soft opening period and they'd love your feedback! Stop in to enjoy a crêpe before the 10th December and enjoy a free soft drink with your meal. I'm going to be imagining myself back in the Swiss Alps and enjoying one of their hot chocolates as a winter warmer.

Pssst... they will also be serving up their special french fries to the late-night crowd, so there's no need to go in search of a kebab shop to fulfill your carb craving!

Simplicity Wine & Crêpes
G/F 41 Wyndham Street, Central
2123 1558


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