Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Backcombing, Hairspray and Big Big Hair

Every year my primary school in the UK would have a dress-up day for Comic Relief, where all the kids would donate money to be able to come to school in costume. One year when I must have been about 5 years old, my mum dressed me as a 1960s glamour puss, complete with backcombed beehive and kohl-lined eyes and my love affair with big hair began. Despite the fact that I know it's terrible for one's hair to backcomb, I just can't resist, but have always had to suppress the urge to crazy. This season though, there's no need for restraint. Big updo's are back for the festive season, and there's no better way to give yourself a quick party-ready look in 5 minutes. It even works better when your hair isn't squeaky clean, which gives you an extra 30 minutes in bed on these cold winter mornings!
If your hair is freshly-washed, or if it's tipped over into greasiness, dry shampoo (try a cheapo brand like Batiste - there's no need to go high-end with these products) will work absolute wonders sprayed onto your roots. It gives a nice matte texture to your hair, and adds volume. Backcomb at the crown using a long-handled comb and then spray with hairspray with your head upside down.

For the top look, this is a classic French chignon basically (or what in the US they call a French twist). Here is a good guide to how to achieve this look. You can make it as big and messy, or small and neat as you like (go big! go big!). For the bottom look, you can follow these instructions to how to create the perfect messy bun. Remember, for both these looks you do not need to put your hair in a pony-tail band first. You only need bobby pins, hair spray and a comb.


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