Thursday, 10 December 2009

Don't Miss Eco Action Day: Saturday 12th December

We have trouble reminding ourselves that this season isn't only about partying, sparkly dresses and fabulous gifts sometimes - luckily all through December there are some great charitable efforts (like the great HK Alley Cat Fundraiser on Tuesday!) to keep our feet on the ground.

This weekend, take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and mild weather we're enjoying to head out to Lantau to take part in the Eco Action Day Challenge. The day kicks off at 9am at Ark Eden Eco Centre in Mui Wo and Eco Challengers will battle beach rubbish (target is 100 bags), wrestle disused agricultural land into submission, build raised garden beds, sprout a native seedling tree nursery and compost all the organic rubbish from the event. A lunch break and snacks will be provided for all participants.

The Eco Action Day Challenge ends at dusk with a vegetarian feast at Ark Eden, followed by a reggae party at China Beach Club with Rocksteady Ska, Dub & Reggae Club (all proceeds to Ark Eden Foundation), and a candlelit vigil on Silver Mine Beach 12.30pm to support ‘tck tck tck’ & ‘350’ call for a real climate deal in Copenhagen.

To learn more about the Ark Eden Eco Day Challenge and to find sponsorship & donation details visit the Ark Eden Website. For further details regarding the Eco Action Day Challenge, email


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