Friday, 19 June 2009

Time Out: The Great Hong Kong Weekender

Just on the off-chance that you don't already have junk trip plans for the weekend (we're heavily into junk season, and remembering why the novelty wore off last summer too), the new issue of Time Out is here to help you plan a fun whole-weekend getaway, and you never have to leave Hong Kong!

They whole itineraries for breaks in Lantau, Sai Kung and the North-East New Territories are also available on their website, and they really put to shame anyone who thinks you need to get on a plane to escape our Island Fever. Perhaps not the most glamorous of destinations or swanky of experiences, if you want to get out into the outdoors and enjoy what promises to be a glorious weekend then you should definitely take a look. You might als0 score extra points with your other half too for having more imagination than simply whisking them off to boring old Bali, no?


  1. Everywhere food vendors smile at the drenched, staggering, hairy farang. With great cunning and a little Thai sing-along, each one liberates me from about 50 baht ($1.60). A drunk guy points out his gap-toothed comrade, who gives me a sublime pork sausage on a stick. An old woman sells me a tentacle tasting of sweetness and the sea. A still older woman feeds me pigeon-egg omelets charged with soy sauce.
    Bangkok, as seen from the SkyTrain, appears a jumble of oxidized hovels, clotheslines, and satellite dishes, above which gathers a typically ruined Third World sky, while in the far and middle distances, a new postmodern cityscape of luxurious condominiums has seemingly been airlifted from Miami’s Brickell Avenue.
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  2. This looks incredible! I am looking for somewhere in Hong Kong to spend the few days I get off at Christmas. Please could you tell me where this photo is taken, as this place looks idyllic?

    Many thanks


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