Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dear Friend,

To me there is nothing more exciting than going to my mailbox, and finding a handwritten letter addressed to me! There is something so magical and special about getting a letter from a friend or family member. I guess the fact that someone actually sat down, thought about what to write, took the time to put a stamp on the envelope, and mail it out, makes me smile.

This day in age, everyone settles for email and text messaging. It is rare to receive a handwritten letter, most of my mail is always bills or junk. So getting something as simple as a greeting card or a post card is like getting a gift in my mailbox....a little treasure I can keep! I guess the old fashioned tradition of sending a letter by post still brings all the excitement and emotion as always.

Next time you sit down to write an email to a friend who you went to lunch with, a colleague who did something nice for you at work, a family member who has been on your mind, a boyfriend/husband who means so much to you, instead write a letter and drop it in the mail. I promise this will make a much more memorable impression, and I can guarantee that the recipient will totally feel special!

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